Revival of Township Karate for Mdantsane


national-home-grant-foundation-martial-arts-2By: Andisiwe Mali

The Mdantsane Karate Association is planning on reviving the martial arts in the country’s second biggest township. The association will stage a tournament September 6,  at the NU 15 community hall.

The day is intended to be festive launching with local drama groups performances and entertainment. Since the tournament is dubbed ‘Youth Against Crime’, the police are expected to address the youth about the dangers of  crime and its consequences.

The current interim board of the Mdantsane Karate Association organising the tournament are; Sensei Mpumezo Manqina, Sensei Maboy, Sensei Asanda Malgas, and Sensei Fikile Soyiso.

The Association affiliates to the Mdantsane Sport Association which governs sporting bodies in the Township.

Former National Champion in the junior and senior levels, Third Dan, Sensei Mpumezo Manqina, from NU 2 eMdantsane said; “In terms of development in Mdantsane, things are moving at a slow pace but I have an examiner license to help with grading lower level Karateka’s to the next level”.

About his journey in Karate the Former National Champ said; ”I came a long way as I started practising in 1997 under Sensei Simpiwe but took it seriously under uSensei, Chumani Mnikeni, in 1999 at Mzomhle High School.

“It’s unbelievable where we started from. It was only in 2004 that I graduated for my first black belt (Sho Dan), I still remember it was August 23 in Cambridge Hall in a National grading tournament,”

Yet “my biggest achievement thus far is my May 2010 graduation in Cape Town when I became ‘SAN DAN’ a Sensei, it was an international grading event,” reminisced Sensei Manqina.

About the tournament he said; “This tournament will be an eye opener and a learning curve for the new karateka’s. We invite everyone to come and witness one of the ancient sport”.

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