10 Questions with Award-Winning; RJ Benjamin

  • Award-winning; vocalist, songwriter, composer and producer, RJ Benjamin, has done it again with “It All Falls Down” blazing a trial in a genre he’s been redefining since “C U in my dreams” in 2003.  RJ took some time to answer a few a questions;
  • TT When and how did you discover your love of music?
  • RJ As a youngster I was influenced by theme songs from my favorite cartoons and started creating characters for my toys with theme songs to go along with them. Creating songs became my way of life.
  • TT How did your latest single “It All Falls Down” come about?
  • RJ While working as Musical Director on Idols last year Production asked Pro and I to perform together on the penultimate show. I had a beat sent to me by Botswana producer, DJ Kuchi, which I thought could work, Pro loved it. Initially the intention was just to perform it on Idols, but the response after that performance was so big we agreed to release it as a single.
  • TT What’s your message to aspiring artists in the industry?
  • RJ Don’t be one dimensional, have many aspects to your musical skills. The more dimensions you have the longer you will survive in the business.
  • TT How do you find the strength to push your brand and your craft?
  • RJ I make sure that  I do things that I truly enjoy and that make me grow as an artist. Its hard building success doing things you hate.
  • TT What’s your favorite song and or music video?
  • RJ Favorite song: ‘Counting Star’s’ by One Republic, favorite music video: ‘Happy’ by Pharrell.
  • TT Are there any young/developing artists that you are grooming/mentoring?
  • RJ Yes, keep your eyes and ears open for Nthabi, Pilani Bubu and Can Skylark.
  • TT How do you prepare for a show or album?
  • RJ Everything can trigger inspiration and when there’s talent in front of you its hard not be inspired. I constantly listen to new music to inspire me. It soaks in and inevitably keeps my mind ticking over as to how I could create music similar to that.
  • TT Tell us more about the single and how it’s doing right now?
  • RJ ‘All Falls Down’ is a pretty honest song lyrically, based on true events of my life and my co-writer on the song, Caz Abrahams. I think it appealed to Pro because of its honest lyrical content. Its starting to build steam in SA and has blown up massively in Botswana.
  • TT What’s the secret to a lasting, meaningful brand and a fulfilling career in the Music industry today?
  • RJ As I said before, you can’t just be a one trick Pony. You’ve gotta love what you’re doing.
  • TT Any up and coming artists from the Eastern Cape, that you think could be the next best thing?
  • RJ My ex student Vusi Nova came from PE and he’s definitely one of the potential next big stars in SA!
  • TT Thank you.

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