UK terror level raised to 'severe'

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - AUGUST 29: British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks to the media during a press conference at Downing Street on August 29, 2014 in London, United Kingdom. The Prime Minister is to introduce new legislation to make it harder for Britons to travel to Syria and Iraq to fight for Islamist State (IS). Earlier today, the British Home Secretary Theresa May announced that Britain has raised its international terrorism threat level to "severe", indicating that a terrorist attack is "highly likely". (Photo by Paul Hackett - WPA Pool/Getty Images)
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August 29,2014, United Kingdom government raised its terror threat level from “substantial” to “severe” – the fourth of five levels in response to events in Iraq and Syria, where ISIS militants have seized a large swath of territory.

Home Secretary Theresa May, announced the raising of the terror threat level. May said that raising it from substantial to severe meant that an attack was highly likely, though she said there was no evidence to suggest an attack was imminent.

Cameron said he would introduce legislation giving British authorities new powers that would strengthen their ability to track suspected supporters of ISIS, by providing “enhanced use of exclusion zones” or “relocation powers.”

Ministers will embed power in legislation after it was introduced in April last year through royal prerogative executive powers. The move is designed to make it easier to prevent suspects from travelling to Syria and Iraq.

The terrorist threat was not created by the Iraq war 10 years ago. it existed even before the horrific attacks on 9/11, themselves some time before the war.

Australia’s terrorism alert will remain at medium despite the United Kingdom increasing its assessment of risk from substantial to severe.

August 29, 2014; UK raises terror threat to ‘severe’, David Cameron says ‘attack likely’ – News conference. Khmer Community:


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