10 Questions with Rapper Songezo 'Soara' Maqanda

Image: Soara

Songezo Maqanda; Co-founder, executive producer, songwriter, compiler, distribution manager at The Canis Lupus Group.

TT: When and how did you discover your love of music?

A: I reckon it was the first time I listened to a Luther Vandross song that actually made me catch feelings so easily and feel really good inside. It eventually made me cry though (Lol). But I discovered my love for making music when people started telling me how much they appreciated my art which they thought was a hobby to me.

TT: What is the role of poetry/Hip hop, in modern South African society?

A: It’s basically there to create awareness and to allow people to express or relate through.

TT: What is your message or advice to young artist aspiring to be in the music industry?

A: It ain’t an over-night success story. You need to make sure this is what you want and that you’re willing to make sacrifices, put in the time and the work. This industry can make boys of men or men of boys so you need to figure out which is your path. Talent is key but you need to put in that work and always remember if it were easy, the rewards wouldn’t be worth it.

TT: As a performing musical artist, how do you find the strength to push not only the brand “Soara”, but your craft as a musician?

A: I find it in the desire/need to succeed and the passion I have for my craft. Knowing I may not make it to another day and that at least when I’m gone people will have something great to look back on which will make them proud of having witnessed my work.

TT: What is your favourite song and music video?

A: My favourite song right now is Tell Me by M2kane and favourite music video is the unofficial video of Sukumani by Aewon Wolf ft MashayaBhuqe Kamamba.

TT: Are there any young or developing artist that you are grooming or mentoring?

A: Not at the present moment but I’d eventually like to give back what I’ve learnt and will have learnt later on in the years.

TT: What do you do to get creative inspiration going in preparation for a show or working towards an album?

A: I pray for starters, giving thanks for all my blessings. Then imagine masses applauding for what will be an amazing performance or project. After such I tap into my soul, heart and mind and let them take over.

TT: Tell us more about your roles as an artist at S.T.K Fraternity (S.A) and your album.

A: Well the S.T.K Fraternity is just a collective group name me and boiz from East London/Greenfields came about. But I’m more in collaboration with The Canis Lupus Group when it comes to my music. I’m one of the co-founders of the company and my role as an artist there is to basically show people how the hunger of a come-up can inspire masses and show the world that this was never a hobby for me but is my life. My role on my LP is being the executive producer, songwriter, compiler, distribution manager…basically everything on the LP has a piece of me.

TT: What’s the secret to a long lasting meaningful brand and fulfilling career in the Music industry today?

A: Perseverance, determination, drive, ambition, a great team behind you, an awesome support system and sheer hard work.

TT: Are there any young up and coming artist or musician from the Eastern Cape, that you think could be the next best thing since sliced bread?

A: Apart from myself?(lol)… It has to be M2kane, Danzito, Hugo and Sabs. But there’s plenty more, the Eastern Cape is packed with mad talent.

TT: Thank You.

July 10, 2014; Aewon Wolf and Mashayabhuqe KaMamba (Sukumani) unOfficial Video. ZekushayKhanyile:

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