In her speech, in East London, November 19, 2014, Acting DG, Ncapayi said; “It is indeed a privilege and honour to have partnered with the leadership of Eastern Cape in hosting the 7th SMME conference aimed at advancing sustainability and competitiveness through innovation.

This conference takes place at a time when government has positioned all of its measures to advance radical transformation for our economy.

As a newly established department we pledge our commitment to continuously engage and support small businesses, cooperatives and also work tirelessly in tandem with all spheres of government, at national, provincial as well as local government to forge stronger partnerships to deliver prosperity and progress to the people of our country.

Our commitment is to fully implement our national blueprint, the NDP which advocates for appropriate measures aimed at addressing the triple challenges such as inequality, poverty and unemployment. All these challenges are interlinked and they need a concerted effort from government, private sector, academia and all other stakeholders.

The NDP puts small businesses at the centre of driving radical economic transformation which include empowering small businesses to: contribute 90 percent of new jobs by 2030 and have a substantial share of output/GDP of 60-80%.

The NDP further advocates for additional interventions focusing on: creating an enabling environment that promotes business entry and expansion, private and public-sector procurement to improve access to opportunities for small and medium enterprises, human settlements and services that need to be conducive to small- and medium enterprise expansion, reviewing regulations and standards for small and medium sized enterprises and improving access to debt and equity finance.

Small businesses are critical for the development of the economy and serious attention needs to be

paid on the issues that hinder their development and growth. In this regard the Department of Small Business Development has been given a clear mandate of leading an integrated approach to the promotion and development of small businesses and cooperatives through a focus on the economic and legislative drivers that stimulate entrepreneurship to contribute to radical economic transformation.

The department will implement several measures aimed at integrating SMMEs and cooperatives into the mainstream of the economy includes: Policy and Regulatory Environment, Public and Private Sector Procurement Programme, Centers for Entrepreneurship, Mass Youth Enterprise Creation Programme, Youth Black Business supplier Development Programme, Decentralisation of business support services, Shared Economic Infrastructure Facility, Informal Traders Upliftment Project, Export Villages, National Enterprise Development Fund, Micro Franchising Incentive, B’avumile Skills Enhancement Programme and Co-operatives enterprises interventions.


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Source - Acting DG, Phumla Ncapayi
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