10 questions with; Malibongwe “Blomzit Avenue’’ Blom


photo-1Malibongwe “Blomzit Avenue’’ Blom; Founder of the Mdantsane Ikas’lam and Mdantsane Native clothing brands, Producer at Original Buddhas Music, as well as DJ/Events Manager at Loudnoise Entertainment(S.A).

TT: When and how did you discover your love of music?

MB: I’ve always been a music fanatic, grew up listening to radio and then later in 2008 I met a production group called SNH, we started recording kwaito music.

TT: What is the role of house music in modern South African society?

MB: House has grown pretty much, it also creates opportunities for those who are singers, graphic designers to showcase their talent. This genre also brings together all races, across radio stations in the country.

TT: What is your message or advice to young artist aspiring to be in the music industry?

MB: If you’re in the music industry do it for the love of it, not for fame or money. Eventually your talent will be recognised globally and it will pay off.

TT: As a performing musical artist, how do you maintain the brand “Blomzit Avenue”, and your craft?

MB: It’s quite a huge challenge, people look up to me as a brand, everything I do I always have to uplift the standard and live up to public expectations even in terms of production I have to maintain the standard and do away with mediocrity.

TT: What is your favourite song and or music video?

MB: My favourite song and video is my own; Blomzit Avenue feat Justa-love notes, the video is playing on channel O.

TT: Are there any young or developing artist that you are grooming or mentoring?

MB: There are artist that look up to me, they would come and seek advice and I would assist. I also mentor a few vocalists i.e. Mbu Soul, Justa, Meezet.

TT: What do you do to get creative in preparation for a show or album?

MB: A week before an event I always listen to lots of music produced by different producer’s especially local music. That inspires my sets and then as for an album, I always try listening to new sounds, I buy cd’s, attend shows just to see what’s currently in the market. So as far as the album is concerned I’m inspired by local talent.

TT: Tell us more about being DJ/Events Manager at Loudnoise Entertainment (S.A)

MB: My role as a Dj and events manager is quite huge. I plan events with my team (annual events) I always make people dance in our events, leaving a memorable mark at all times.

TT: What’s the secret to a lasting brand and fulfilling career in the industry?

MB: Respect, humbleness and refraining from indulging into negativity/drama happening around. Never form part of unnecessary drama. Focus on your music and also try by all means possible to work with everyone from around (ekasi).

TT: Are there any up and coming E.C artist that you think could be the next best thing?

MB: The next big artists… the people I work with, my music team (Original Buddhas), Carlo Festo, Verified Buddha, King Wave, Sly, Blue House Impulse, Cyentoire from eMdantsane, Mobi Dixon, Dj Palture (King Williams Town) and Dj Stax (eMtatha) … the next biggest house producers in SA.

TT: Thank you.

November Blomzit Avenue feat. Justa – Love Notes (Official video). Dedicatedpics:


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