We’re young and we’re perplexed: Why the sudden decision of our government to resign from the International Criminal Court (ICC)?

“This decision was not via a session of parliament,” laments the Non-Profit Organisation; Concerned Young People of South Africa (CYPSA), in an open letter dated October 24, 2016.

“This weighty resolution was made by a few individuals in parliament. This leaves us open and vulnerable to oppression,” reads the statement.

The organisation says they fear; “…we might be subjected to the tyranny of murderers …” and that they; “…too feel powerless and vulnerable”.

CYPSA Vice Spokesman, Mamazane Maphanga, postulates; “…those who line their pockets will squash and ‘terminate’ those who speak out and tell the truth.

“Could it be that certain powerful individuals now fear the International Criminal Court (ICC) and increase expenditure on VIP protection to insulate themselves from reprisals?

“Could it be that they know the time is ripe for the many skeletons to fall out the closet?”

The organisation argues that the judicial system is failing the people, and that “…powerful men hand out interdicts to put others in the spotlight lest their monstrous deeds be disclosed”.

The statement in closing heralds that the Rainbow Nation is dead, that there is no celebration of diversity and that; “a corrupt identity is being forced on us. We have no freedom, we have no voice, we have no democracy, we are cut off from the global community…”


October 23, 2016; South Africa Withdraws From The ICC….. About Time. Search for Uhuru:

South Africa withdraws from the ICC, now its time for the rest of Africa to follow suit.





October 21, 2016; South Africa to Quit International Criminal Court. Fidelis Mbah:

South Africa is pulling out of the International Criminal Court (ICC) because its obligations are inconsistent with laws giving sitting leaders diplomatic immunity. Burundi appeared set to become the first country to withdraw from the ICC, after its parliament voted last week to leave. Several African countries have expressed concern that the focus of the Hague-based court has been on Africa rather than elsewhere in the world.











October 21, 2016, South Africa leaves ICC | DW News. DW (English):


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Source Mamazane Maphanga (CYPSA: Vice Spokesperson) CYPSA Open Letter to ICC
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