F1 2016 Championship Finale

Three-time F1 world champion, Louis Hamilton, trails Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg, by 3 points after win in Brazil.
Three-time F1 world champion, Lewis Hamilton, trails Mercedes teammate, Nico Rosberg, by 12 points after win in Brazil.

Nico ROSBERG, says; “It definitely helps to have been there,” in that; “This is the third time that we’re fighting for the Championship and the second time that it’s gone to the wire,” which; “helps to feel more relaxed”.

About the season; “I’m not thinking back,” but acknowledged; “…there’s been a lot of great races that Lewis has done, for sure.

“He’s been a great competitor, tough opponent as always, but for me it’s just focus on this weekend,” says the 12-point 2016 FIA F1 Championship leader, Nico Rosberg.

Lewis HAMILTON, says; he’s not thinking back either but notes;He [Rosberg] was quick in lots of different places. I don’t think there’s one that particularly stands out”. 

When the three time F1 World Champion was asked whether he takes confidence from past grand prix outcomes at the venue, he replied; “Not really ‘cos, I mean… it doesn’t really make any difference to this weekend”.

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