EA’s RR3; December Evolution: Formula E


December 12, 2016; Electronic Arts’ (EA) announced; “The next evolution of Real Racing 3 (RR3) is here. Formula E, the newest exciting motorsport debuts in this update with a brand-new track, and three teams from the FIA Formula E Championship!” on the game’s website.

Driving simulation fans of titles such as Gran Tourismo on console, Need for Speed on PC, may find a compelling companion in the palm of their hands in E.A’s RR3.

The New Track; Hong Kong Central Harbourfront Circuit:

“This track first debuted at the Hong Kong ePrix in October 2016. Staged alongside the captivating Central Harbourfront of Hong Kong, this street circuit is situated among some of the city’s iconic landmarks such as Victoria Harbour, T
he HK Observation Wheel, and the International Finance Center”.

Info: Two (2) kilomometres long, Ten (10) turns, Two tight hairpins, and a 555-metre straight.

“Streets circuits such as the Hong Kong Circuit present unique challenges to racers… they feature uneven roads, differing grip levels, tight lines, and makeshift barriers, increasing the driving difficulty.

“One false move and your car doesn’t go off-track; it goes into a wall”.

The Cars; Formula E
“The Formula E car is an open-wheel racing car whose chassis is comprised of carbon fiber and aluminium.

Info; 28kWh lithium-ion battery-powered 200kW engine, Rear-mounted, maximum weight of 800kg (driver included).

“FIA stipulates powertrain designers may differ from team to team, chassis and batteries must remain the same.

“Racers can earn up to three exclusive Formula E cars in-game throughout the update from marquees; ABT Schaeffler, NexEV TCR, and Renault e dams”.

Formula E Gameplay

“Since Formula E cars operate exclusively via electric power, a vital component of the motorsport is strategic battery management.

“As drivers accelerate, the onboard battery is drained of energy, and only while coasting/braking does the battery begin to regenerate lost energy, to be competitive racers will need to adapt their racing style to ensure they maintain enough charge to complete each event.

“If the battery runs out of charge, it’s game over as soon as the car comes to a complete stop without crossing the finish line!”

December 12, 2016; Real Racing 3 Formula E 360 VR Experience.Real Racing:

February 27, 2013; Real Racing 3 Launch Trailer. Real Racing:

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