ANC Government Pushing The Poeple Of Nquthu After Losing By-Election

IFP National Chairperson, Blessed Gwala

June 1, 2017; The Inkatha Freedom Party in Nquthu expresses its concern after the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs started taking back goods delivered in Nquthu during the municipal by-election campaign recently.

“The people of Nquthu are experiencing tough times as the service that was delivered by the government when it was campaigning for the ANC before the by-election is now being taken back.

“We had the entire KZN Cabinet and even National Ministers visiting this municipality delivering all sorts goods in every ward during their campaign.

“Goods such as garden fencing and Jojo tanks to assist in water crisis are now being taken back by the department. You cannot dish food to those who are hungry and take it away because the ANC failed dismally to win the municipality.

“The actions of COGTA clearly prove that state resources were used to campaign for the ANC. The people of Nquthu must be made aware that these resources were brought here in the name of government and not the ANC,” said the IFP National Chairman, Mr Blessed Gwala MPL.

“The IFP calls on COGTA to return all these resources to the people since tax payer’s money was used. The people of Nquthu expressed their choice at the ballot box and voted for the IFP to govern the municipality.

“As the majority party in Nquthu, the IFP will bring clean governance and will provide the people with the services that they deserve,” concluded Mr Gwala

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Source IFP
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