#WMCPaidMedia ‘Ignores Cancer Drugs White Cartel


While the people of South Africa struggle with the expensive life-saving drugs, the media has deliberately turned a blind eye to an extremely important issue – Cancer drugs cartel including Pfizer, Roche & Aspen.

A matter of contemplation, as the media that has been screaming multiple times against the corruption by Zuma’s Government seems to have deliberately ignored such a crucial issue of price monopoly, that too in the delicate pharmaceutical sector. Wondering why? Simply because, the three involved medical giants are the establishments of Whites. And the media has been profusely paid to stay silent on these situations.

The major breakthrough of price monopoly came out in the Medicine industry when three of the pharmaceutical giants: ‘Aspen Pharmacare’, ‘Pfizer’ and ‘Roche Holdings’ created a price monopoly in the SA Market, which is now being investigated by the SA Competition Commission (CompCom).

In a statement, the CompCom said it has identified the healthcare sector, and in particular, pharmaceuticals, as a priority sector for its enforcement efforts, “due to the likely negative impact that anti-competitive conduct in that sector would have on consumers in general and specifically the poor and vulnerable”.

It is to be noted that these life-saving drugs have been overpriced in the European nations as well apart from the South African market. The medicines include Leukeran, Alkeran, Myleran etc. Here is the video about the details of exposed cancer drug cartel that the biased media in South Africa refused to cover.


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