The Longer the Forced Shutdown Goes On, the Greater the Resulting Poverty Will Be


The authorities want to people believe that the restrictions already in place are short-term measures. But what if the containment strategy takes much longer than foreseen? The consequences for the economy are already catastrophic. Every day the damage increases. Even when the policies achieve containment of the disease, the economic damage will persist for a much longer time.

By: Antony P. Mueller

The real threat is less COVID-19 than it is the wave of bankruptcy and unemployment that will soon spill across economies like a tsunami. If the governments honour their aid commitments and make compensation payments to those affected, such high sums will be required that price inflation may result and exacerbate the effect of the economic recession. We will see widespread impoverishment—and, as usually comes with impoverishment, a decline in general health and a rise in morbidity.

Going against Political Scaremongering

Yes, there is reason to panic, but it’s not the virus, it’s the corona-virus policy. Organised panic serves as an excellent test for the state of how far it can go in terrorising citizens and taking away their freedom without encountering resistance. Like sheep, people follow the orders of their leaders. The media is preparing the lambs to go silently and without a scream into the slaughterhouse.

Beyond the economic damage that has already been caused by the political reaction to a epidemic, an even greater tragedy lurks: the loss of fundamental human rights and of our individual freedom. Given the modern methods of surveillance, a new kind of totalitarianism would surpass all the horrors that are known from past dictatorial regimes.

Dr. Antony P. Mueller is a German professor of economics who currently teaches in Brazil. His website and blog.

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